Alma del desierto / Soul of the desert (2024)

Alma del desierto / Soul of the desert (2024)

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Feature-Length Film / Hybrid


90 min


FDC Proimágenes, Producción de largometraje documental 2018

Mercado de Coproducción Señal Colombia 2018


DocSP, 2017

Sunny Side of the Doc, 2019

Marché du Film, 2019

Laboratories and Selections

Torino Film Lab Documentary Extended 2019

If/Then Pitch competition Tribeca Film Institute in partnership with The New York Times Op-Docs and The Pulitzer Center 2017

Primer Good Pitch Colombia, Doc Society 2018

Pitch Doc Montevideo, 2018 (Premio Miradas Doc)

Chile Doc Conecta, Conectados 2018

Pitch Miradas Doc 2019 (Premio Tree Line Distribution)

Elevator Pitch, BIFF 2019

Bam Projects, Bogota Audiovisual Market 2019


Directed by

Mónica Taboada-Tapia

Produced by

Beto Rosero


Guerrero Films



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